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 Name of Principal

Sh.Rajeev Kumar Sharma

Postal Address

Kendriya Vidyalaya No. 2,

Air Force Station,

Suratgarh - 335 804

Distt. Sri Ganganagar

Rajasthan INDIA

Phone / Fax

+91 1509 270320 - Office


+91 1509 270320 - Fax

E-Mails      - School


Not Available                          - Chairman, VMC


Helpful hints to reach

By Train


1. Awadh Assam Express         >> From Delhi

2. Udyan Abha Expres >> Linked from Bhatinda or Sri Ganganagar

3. Jammu Tawi Express            >> From Ahmedabad

4. Kalka Express


The nearest Railway Station is SURATGARH which is around 8 Kms far from the Vidyalaya.


By Bus


Private & Rajasthan Roadways are available for Suratgarh from each corner of Rajasthan and even from Delhi a lot of night buses ply.

From Suratgarh Auto facilities are available 24 hours to Air Force Campus where Vidyalaya is located at a minimal charge of Rs. 50/=

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